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What Lights Our Fire

January 26, 2021

Blue Fire was created to offer premium marketing and creative services, but we dream of building something more profound than that. There are a lot of great marketing firms offering similarly awesome services. But, there is a Blue Fire difference. Let us tell you about it. 

WE ARE A COLLECTIVE, a collective of independent, growth-minded professionals who are eager to learn, improve our skills, teach and inspire others, and enhance our own life experiences and the lives of others. We believe individual thought brings about creative ideas, but collective work and collaboration garner the best results.

The Collective is built upon years of experience and learning from the best in our fields. We are creative strategists, copywriters, designers, and SEO and SEM whizzes with a particular penchant for effective communication and data science. We’ve worked for big brands and cut our teeth at large agencies. We are at once a community and a resource - for each other, for the brands we serve, and for the communities in which we live.

The idea for Blue Fire originated in the Rocky Mountains, but we are not simple mountain people. No lie, we love getting dirty, sneaking in lunch rides or powder turns before work, and gathering around a campfire after a solid day...Just a few of the reasons why we choose to work for ourselves and live where we do. With collective members in the Rockies, the Cascades, on either coast and spots in between, we bring a variety of perspectives and life experiences. These unique perspectives help us to curate our services to meet the unique needs of every client.

We thrive in the hottest part of the flame, we don’t back down from a challenge and take pride in a solid day’s work (or play).

It’s true. We love what we do, individually and collectively. We like thinking about our clients’ success and we get excited about integration and how it all fits together. There’s no doubt. Marketing is complicated, and we simplify the landscape. 

For us, growing a brand is just like building a fire; you need the right elements in the right conditions. We just light the spark. 

Interested in learning more? Schedule a meeting. We love meeting new people.